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"Trauma threatens to throw into question all that we have known to be true and the ways we have normally navigated the world. Perhaps preachers will find that the familiar tropes, the go-to theological adages, and the well-worn patterns of preaching that have served well thus far no longer hold up or seem to meet the moment."


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My name is Kimberly Wagner and I have the privilege of serving as Assistant Professor of Preaching at Princeton Theological Seminary. As a seminary professor, I have the joy of working with students as they find their voice and grow in confidence as proclaimers of God’s good news in a hungry and hurting world.

I view myself as “support staff” 

for clergy, preachers, and community leaders who are doing the hard work

of ministry and proclamation

day in and day out.

I am passionate about supporting students’ formation and helping clergy and communities navigate the realities of an ever-changing world and church. My current work is on preaching and ministry in the midst and wake of trauma, thinking particularly about collective trauma, the role of the preacher, and the resources of our Scripture and faith to respond to these moments. I also explore topics such as sermon formation and delivery, proclamation and authority, and preaching eschatological imagination amid chaos.

Please explore the information on my site and don’t hesitate to be in touch if you would like to collaborate!


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Kimberly Wagner
Assistant Professor of Preaching

Princeton Theological Seminary

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